A fun lolita questionnaire!

I thought filling out this questionnaire would be fun and fill a gap that my blog is currently experiencing! This was made by insecurelobster on tumblr (:
1. How I got into lolita
OH THE HORROR~ I was first into cosplay and I was going to cosplay Misa Amane from Death Note. I was searching for her costume and it was often titled "gothic lolita" so I searched for that and it came up with some non cosplay/ costume pictures and I thought it was adorable! Many months later I actually started researching it more, then after many more months I started buying it (:
2. My first coordinate
It consisted of the Bodyline heart-pocket one piece (in pinkxblue), white tights, pink offbrand heels and a hand made bow in my hair. It wasn't awful, I had plenty of poof but it was just a really boring outfit!
3. Advice I’d give to an aspiring lolita
Research as much as possible and wear what you love c:
4. Current wishlist
Click here for my wishlist
5. Lolitas who inspire me
Click here for the post about this
6. My local community
My national community is more of a community than the one in my city (which consists of about two people lol). The estimate for the amount of NZ lolitas is some where between 50-70 people! That's not many for a country.. though it is a pretty small country.
7. Favorite meet-up spot
I've never been to a meet up!
8. Dream dress
I really can't limit myself to one piece.. I am a greedy lolita! ^check out my wishlist.
9. My wardrobe
I will do a new wardobe post within the next couple of months! I'm going through a huge wardrobe transition at the moment and I want to do it when I'm feeling pretty happy about what I have. Plus, some new things haven't arrived yet :p
10. Favorite item from my wardrobe
It would have to be a dress that's on it's way right now..
11. My favorite coordinate
I don't think I have one that I'm entirely satisfied with yet because of the wardrobe transition that's going on at the moment.
12. Favorite accessory
I looove flat barettes and berets as hair accessories (:
13. What I wear outside of lolita
I mix it up a lot! Sometimes I wear fairy kei, pastel outfits, black outfits, florals.. I have many different 'styles'.
14. Favorite motifs
For print motifs it's probably flowers or forest animals.
15. Favorite aspects of lolita
Poofy cute dresses, lovely detail to the clothing, how different it is, how diverse it is etc.
16. Least favorite aspects of lolita
Just the name. Oh god, if I could change anything, that would be it.
17. A funny thing that happened to me while wearing lolita
I don't think it's really that funny, but it was joyus so I'll use it here! When another lolita spotted me at a convention and ran up to me super super excitedly and we had an ~omg~ moment, if you get what I mean? Haha.
18. Why I wear lolita
Because I think it's pretty - it really appeals to me and I enjoy wearing it.
19. A favorite lolita-related photo (of myself or others)
This or this or this (:
20. My most recent coordinate
Click here to see two recent coordinates!

Thanks for reading ♥