Two recent outfits

Today is the last day of the holidays and I'm not really looking forward to going back to school! I wish I'd worn lolita more because I think I'm going to miss it a lot when I get back into my uniform.

Today I wore my black Bodyline jsk, pink Bodyline blouse, hand-made black hair bow and pink milky chan socks by Angelic Pretty. This is the most comfortable way to wear pink for me! A whole dress in pink is a little too overwhelming to me. The lighting has either been too dull or too sunny to get full body shots of these outfits, sorry!


This outfit is the same thing I wore to the Harry Potter premier! Though in the picture for that blog post, it was about 2am so you couldn't see any details. I think I'd like to get some red tights to match this cardigan - I'd like to wear them with my black jsk. This outfit contains an offbrand red cardigan, offbrand black tights, Bodyline jsk, offbrand blouse and a hand-made hair bow. Sorry I keep posting outfits when I just wear the same kinda things over and over again...

It shouldn't happen for too much longer because I made my Innocent World order! I'm just waiting for a confirmation so I can pay and wait for my package to come :D Thanks for reading ♥


  1. Both outfits are really adorable! I love them...

    I just can't understand myself when I sometimes wish that I had to use school uniforms at school... I could never worn that much lolita as I do, if I could not wear it at school:S :P

  2. Very cute! I don't mind seeing similar/same outfits at all! <3

    Ohhhh, IW has such nice items. Sometimes I regret changing from classic back to sweet. xD;

  3. @Churi
    Oh thank you :D I'm glad you like them. At least with uniform, I don't wear out my good clothing c:

    Thanks! I agree, IW is my favourite brand because everything is so lovely~ aw you look so nice in sweet though n__n