Lolita rights!

Of course, you're all aware that you have the exact same rights as everybody else - well I hope you're aware! I've noticed that some lolitas are just putting up with their ~rights~ being violated and I think that you shouldn't have to accept it!

The right to wear whatever the hell you want ~ "THE RULES" are pushed in people's faces a lot and you just plain old don't have to follow them. Follow them if you want to though - it's up to you!

The right to go out in public lolified without:
Being abused
(physically, verbally, sexually etc.) ~ Stares and funny looks are to be expected, we all know this. I mean, shit I'd stare too if I saw someone looking so fabulous. No one has the right to abuse you in any way though! Someone mutters an insult at you; call them out if you're brave enough! If someone attacks or hurts you; report it to the police or other authorities. Looking different does not give consent to be abused.
Being photographed ~ I honestly think it should be against the law for someone to photograph you and distribute the pictures without your permission. If you don't feel like being photographed don't be scared to say "No, not today. Sorry." I love hearing stories of people trying to take sneaky photos and then the lolita responds with an insane facial expression, the finger or taking a picture of them back!
Being touched ~ Never let someone touch you without your permission. Neverrrr. If you're fine with people touching you/ your clothing then feel free to say "Yeah, sure!" If you're not then break out Can't Touch This by MC Hammer. No, but seriously just tell them they can't touch you because you're not comfortable with it. No one has any right to touch you without your permission.

The right to talk when/ to who YOU want ~ You don't have to answer stranger's questions - 4 realzies. Sometimes you're just too busy or not in the mood so just say something like "Sorry, I'm in a hurry and I don't have time to talk. Have a nice day, goodbye!" Don't feel guilty, they have no right to demand answers from you.

The right to be who you are ~ You don't need to be a polite, softly spoken, tea-sipping angelic maiden - that's not what lolita is about! I think lolita is just about looking fabulous and enjoying yourself. If you curse like a sailor, laugh loud (maybe even snort), tell crazy jokes etc. don't be ashamed! Don't hide yourself! Dressing awesomely does not mean you can't be you.

I feel like I'm missing a few things, but I'm so tired and have been feeling uninspired lately (hence the lack of posts). Regardless, thanks for reading! ♥

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  1. great post! sometimes people just don't understand than we're people too, just dressing fabulous and not boring :P