Viennese Waltz Scallop Jsk

My Innocent World order arrived today! It was sent a week and one day after I ordered it and took 5 days to arrive here. My lovely cat was there to join in the excitement! Standard IW bag ^I like that they send a nice hand written note (: very sweet!I was super excited! It's soooo beautiful. I have no worn photos unfortunately - it doesn't fit. The site says it can go up to 98cm for the bust but the undergarments I had on today made my bust 94cm and there was NO way it would fit. I'd say a 90cm bust at the most could fit this dress. I'm so so disappointed. It's such a gorgeous dress but it's just so small. I'm sad that I'll have to sell it.The print is so cute! The wee fancy animals playing instruments is so adorableThe lace is beautiful and soft.Another print shot. Argh it's so nice I wish it fit. The flowers are really prettyThe bodice. The scalloping is really nice. Below is the back of the bodice. I like that you can adjust the straps to make it sit better. Has nice sturdy lacing over the shirring.
I'm really unimpressed that IW advertises their sizing wrong - it wouldn't be a problem if it was just a cm or two but almost 10 is quite ridiculous. I'm unlikely to buy IW again unless I'm reeeally well under the maximum messurements. I'll put this up for sale on a NZ auction site, but if it doesn't sell there I'll sell internationally. Leave a comment if you want to be in line for a direct sale! I'll be selling at sale price. Thanks for reading, sorry for such a downbuzz post <3
EDIT: The jsk can fit me if it sits where it's supposed to - with the straps on this, even at the longest point on the straps, it cannot fit. I am going to make strap extensions! The fit is the biggest problem I have with brand dresses. They're made for such a small frame which I really do not have. I hope my strap extensions work out (: wish me luck!


  1. What a gorgeous JSK! The colours and scalloping are so lovely- But what a flippin' shame about the sizing! ・°・(ノД`)・°・ I'd really would have loved to see a coordinate of yours with this.

  2. Are you serious! It didn't fit! :O How sad! :( The dress is really pretty, and I can relly fell you disappointment... But I really hope you can sell it quite fast and for a good price :) Good luck :)

  3. Oh my, that's one of my dream dresses! I envy you.
    Ps. Awesome blog ♥

  4. Oh that's such a shame, you would have looked lovely in it :(
    I've heard a few people say that Aatp sizes are often incorrect, but I didn't know it was the same for Innocent World! If it says "max bust 98cm" then it should mean that!
    Good luck with selling it. Maybe you'll find something you like even more to buy with the money you get back :)

  5. Thanks everyone! I appreciate your lovely comments (:

    I hope my strap extensions work out so I can post some coordinates with this <3