Current Inspiration!

This time around my Current Inspiration post is dedicated to just one lolita - her name is unknown, not featured on her blog. is her wonderful blog.
She is an inspiration to me because I'm slowly getting into classic and she has absolutely beautiful and flawless coordinates. She has very creative outfits, dabbles in a little bit of boystyle and wears some old school inspired coordinates. Her wardrobe seems to be mostly Innocent World with some Baby The Stars Shine Bright.I also love that she uses the same main piece (a dress, for example) and works with accessories and wigs to create a whole different look for that main piece. I hope you find some inspiration in this lovely lady too! Thanks for reading <3


  1. Wow! Her outfits are gorgeous!

  2. OMG so beautiful! I have to get some classic pieces:O Thanks for sharing her blog by the way :D

  3. @Buni Doll
    I agree, they're so well put together!

    I see why, she's so inspiring (: No problem!