I did a little thrifting..

Yesterday I went thrifting/ op-shopping! The main reason I wanted to go op-shopping was because last time I was browsing I saw an excellent satchel.. sadly, it was gone when I went looking yesterday and I couldn't find another bag like it. I did pick up a cardigan and a bolero though!

The cardigan has nice detail and texture. I'm considering getting new buttons for it, as these ones are a little plain. The bolero has tiny flicks of glitter through it (you can't see because of the dull light) and has slightly bat-winged sleeves. It's the perfect length for lolita (:
The cardigan is really slouchy and cool - doesn't look so elegant unfortunately. It'll be good for keeping snuggly around the house this winter. Thanks for reading! ♥

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  1. they were really cute! I never find boleros to fit with lolita:P