Shall I spin you a little yarn?

Hello all! I hope you are well (:
 I really like these socks with all black but I do wish I had more matching pastel or star accessories to go with them! I wore this to a kind of failed meet up haha.. ended up not being ready at the time I needed to (I wasn't aware of this lol) and didn't see everyone until much later after waiting in confusion XD where we sat around eating biscuits, drinking tea and talking. So, no group photos or anything sadly!
 Everything is Bodyline except the socks - Secret Shop
Here's a new accessory I have been wanting for so long! Black rose head band (: fits really well with my style and I wear it outside lolita too. Handmade by me

Another thing I wanted to yarn about on this blog,
Someone asked me about it on tumblr and I didn't have time to give a great explanation and oh well, it's just my personal blog. So I thought why not discuss it here? I'd be really interested to hear how everyone else who wears lolita would answer this! Leave a comment or make a post if you would like to get in on this topic.
To be honest, for a start I wouldn't wear lolita outside of my house and only wore it around a select few friends. I felt awkward, attention grabbing (in a bad way) and uncomfortable. I used to wear sweet lolita and eventually I realised that I wasn't wearing lolita the right way.. I was too busy trying to look like other lolitas I idolised and it just wasn't working for me. After a while my out of lolita style changed a lot and that helped to set off the light bulb of epic realisations in my head. I needed to start dressing the way I wanted and the way that suited me - not other people. I converted to a wardrobe of black, navy, red etc. similar to my casual wear wardrobe. Doing this made it so much more comfortable to go about in public for me. That's just a small part of why I have the confidence to wear lolita, the biggest inspiration for me was feminism. Yup, das right! Feminism is one of the major things that has made me grow as an entire person. Fashion wise, feminism taught me that I put what I want on my body, I shouldn't be ashamed for looking ~different~, fuck the norm - if I don't like it then I shouldn't wear it, I dress for me and me only, most people will judge you but who gives a shit? We look bad ass! And, of course, to accept alllll the compliments! I hope this was at least a little interesting haha >‿‿◕ thanks for reading!

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  1. I like the way you think. In my neighborhood, I really don't like to wear things with loud prints or brightly colored wigs. Though I would love to but it's just not a good area for that. But I can wear toned down colors and more natural looking wigs. I plan to build my wardrobe to suit all things that I love. I agree with you. You don't have to follow any rules or follow a specific look. Lolita is all about the woman in the petticoat and frills. Thank you for posting this. Next time I dare to wear Lolita outside, I will remember this post :)

    ~ Kieli ~