Alternative Lolitas

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I think anyone would agree, Lolita is definitely an alternative fashion alone but "alt" is also a term used typically for people with body modifications. Some of these people are lolitas too (:    
Body modifications are more often than not shunned in lolita, some even insist a lolita should have no body mods as it 'doesn't look elegant or cute' and 'ruins the look'. Though, I think some hold this opinion because they don't actually like body mods full stop. No matter where you stand, I think everyone can agree how stunning the lolitas are that I'm sharing with you.. beautiful with or without their mods.
If you're a modified lolita and you're feeling a little insecure about combining these two of your interests, remember that your look is your choice. As long as you feel that you are executing your choice of look correctly, ignore anything negative thrown at you! You will probably find that you will get a lot of compliments though (: I have had a few people say they wouldn't pick the two to go together but it actually looks fine - quite good infact. If you really feel that your mods aren't looking right with lolita for you personally, there are plenty of options for you! Try transparent piercing retainers, long sleeves/ high collars to cover ink, make up for coverage or just wear smaller jewellery.. maybe even metal that matches!  
My personal view is of course, hell yeah, they can definitely work together! I actually think my tattoos look cute poking out of my blouse and my facial piercings look like a pretty accessory, just as nice as any necklace. I don't like my body mods with sweet lolita though (not that I wear it any more), personally it doesn't fit for me but with bitter-sweet, kuro, gothic, classic - yup works for me! I love seeing it on other lolitas too, as I have a passion for both.   
 Princess Pudding
As always, discussion is welcome! I would be interested to hear your opinion (: please remember that personal attacks, slander and general hate is never welcome and such comments will be removed. Thanks for reading 


  1. Actually I think girls of any style are beautiful no matter if they have ink or piercings. A lot of these girls are amazing not only in because they have the courage to be who they are but are just downright sweet people! I think a girl can do whatever she wants no matter what style she wears :)

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. I really like all kinds of styles, it gets a bit boring if everyone wears the same looking pastel-coloured print-dress. :P I used to have three pearcings in my face and I still wore lolita, this was years ago. Some people are just not that accepting of everything.

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    Would be nice if you could take a look and participate. ^__^