Christchurch Armageddon 2012!

Hello everyone! I attended Christchurch Armageddon last weekend and it was awesome!! Kami and I road-tripped up for it and we went both days. Kami cosplayed both days and I wore lolita both days. I'm doing this post from a lolita point of view but I'll have links for all those who are interested in the other stuff too (:
 There were a few others in lolita, which was so cool! I got excited every time I saw another one heh.
 ^These two are twins and they're so adorable ahhh
 ^the sweetest, most OTT lolita I think I have ever seen in real life :B
 Caitlin and I yaaay~ my wife! I didn't buy a whole lot at Armageddon but it makes sense because I'm not too into the whole cosplay/ anime/ gaming thing much any more. I basically got wee gifts for my friends & family, a Sailor Moon DVD, a DBZ DVD and a pacman ring heh.
 ^A pic taken buy Sharp Focus Photography! Follow the link to see more of his amazing photos.
 The lovely Christchurch lolitas held a wee dinner meet in our honour :') it was so sweet and they were all amazing people too! Because of the location and time this was pretty much as good as it gets photo-wise. There are plenty more chch lolitas by the way, many couldn't make it for various reasons but it's okay because we still had fun! Thanks darlings!!
 We didn't stay long on day #2 of Armageddon because we'd basically seen all we needed to. We pretty much just turned up to see if friends were there, find my eftpos card, see if there were any sales and to look at all the different cosplays! Many people loved Kami's Chell cosplay (: it was well done.
LINKS: Photoset #1 by Kami Photoset #2 by Kami Christchurch Armageddon tag on tumblr Photoset by me   Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! <3

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