Meet up!

 Hello everyone! Today Kami, Shaun and I had a wee meet up :D We went to a local park/ art gallery and took some pictures, enjoyed complimentary tea, checked out the displays and walked around outdoors even though it was pretty cold and ended up raining at one point. Afterwards we went to Kami's place and played with her cute pets :3 rats, cats and a dog! Enjoy our pictures (:

Kami's outfit:
Jsk + socks: Dream of Lolita
Blouse: maybe Bodyline? (sorry, not too sure)
Shoes: Even she does not know this one lol
Bonnet: Handmade
My outfit:
Jsk: Dream of Lolita
Blouse + shoes + wristcuffs: Bodyline
Fur collar: Ebay
Headwear: Handmade and my wee bird is from a nick nack shop in Wellington
Tights: Offbrand

Thanks for reading/looking, we hope you enjoyed <3


  1. I love to see pictures from lolita meetups, so cute!
    You look a little like twins with same dresses but in different colour. ^__^

    1. Yes we were excited to wear the same print and have a meet up (: I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures!