Review :D

Hello all (: just a post reviewing a few new things taken in unfortunately crappy quality! But I know you will be seeing more of these lovely bits and pieces in high-ish definition in other posts.
 Milky Planet replica socks, I believe + I'm not sure if the others are replicas but if so, I suspect IW. They are "thigh highs" but OTKs on me, might be thigh high if you're short heh. These are by Secret Shop and I purchased via Clobbaonline.
 Reeeally lovely details :D super pretty!
 Price: 4/5 -Pretty good prices! Only approximately US$8 per pair. They cost me NZ$30 including tracked shipping so they were a bit of a treat.. I wouldn't usually spend that much but I really love them and will wear them a lot.
Service: 5/5 -Clobbaonline are always a dream to deal with! Fantastic communication every time, polite and willing to answer all your questions.
Quality: 4.5/5 -Would have been a full 5 if they weren't so... skinny! I can't imagine them fitting comfortably around many people's thighs! So, if you have wider legs, I wouldn't really recommend these. Otherwise, very lovely!

 I adore my fur collar! I purchased it from the ebay seller 99hk for just US$3.89 with free shipping! You can't go wrong there. Definitely worth what I paid, haha. The fur isn't amazingly silky like a high quality one would be, but still soft and fluffy and importantly - warm! 5/5 no complaints.
And I got this jacket from a store in town called Jayjays.. I couldn't resist when it was on sale for just $25!! Such a great price for a retail, fully lined jacket. I like that it's cropped quite high, I can wear it with lolita without my petti being disturbed :p
The Invercargill Lolitas are having a wee meet up this Saturday so look out for pictures here.. I can promise they will be special! Thanks for reading <3


  1. I loooooove ClobbaOnline! I just ordered stuff from them! I can't wait till they arrive :3

    ~ Kieli ~