Belated ILD post!

Hello sweet peas! I hope you all had an amazing International Lolita Day!!
Sadly, I didn't really get to celebrate as I was busy with other commitments and didn't want to risk dirtying my lolita pieces. I did dress up briefly though - and I challenged myself with this coordination. I put on my fur collar only to realise that the black tie stood out.. I had to lose it or add more black so I have it a go! I think it turned out okay (: 

Hat: Bodyline
Blouse: Bodyline
Jumperskirt: Innocent World
Collar: Ebay
Shoes: Bodyline
Tights: Offbrand
Wristcuffs: Bodyline
Thanks for reading and I have a few accessory reviews coming for you within the next few days! <3


  1. ah, i think you did a good job adding little black details! it's a very cute outfit~

  2. Cute outfit ♥

    I think the black is very well balanced :)