Just a little post

Hello all! Long time no post, as per usual with me.. haha I'm so irregular. My hair extensions arrived a couple of days ago :D so happy to have long hair again. I got 26" this time and I love it~ nice and lengthy! I really like having long hair when I wear lolita.
 Last week I wore this to course: 
Bodyline jsk, blouse and shoes + offbrand tights + hand made hair bow. This dress got A LOT of compliments which is cool because I really love it too!
I'm feeling pretty eager to make myself a new lolita piece. In course at the moment, we have to make a tailored jacket and I planned to make a lolita one for myself but because of my strange measurements it is proving too difficult, sadly. I'm just going to make it in the pattern book's standard size 12 and sell it.
On a non-lolita related note, I got more piercings a few weeks back and I now have a piercing count of 14 haha. I also began my sleeve! Click here to see some pictures. I'm going to get more done on it on the 5th - some colouring and shading. I can't wait to continue getting more and more (: that can't really happen until I find myself a decent job which I have been keeping an eye out for as course ends in about a month *sigh* wish me luck! 
Thanks for reading and I hope to bring you some decent posts soon! <3


  1. How beautiful this Bodyline Jsk *-*
    You are very pretty!

    Anyway, I searching for a good petticoat, Where you bought yours? I hope it is not a silly question x3
    Thank you for your help. <3

    1. Oh thank you *u*
      I make my own petticoats so I'm afraid I can't help you, apologies!