The Pearl Trend

Pearl accents have become more and more popular on lolita pieces recently - pearls are now not just for hime styles, they're popping up in pretty much every lolita style and every colour.
Angelic Pretty have quite a few items with pearls including jsks, hair bows, blouses, berets, mittens, jackets - basically everything!
Indie brands are also providing pearl covered goodies!
Pearls on waist bows are quite frequently seen. ^AP jsk and on the Bodyline jsk below.
Bodyline have a few items with pearls too! Jsks, OPs and blouses.
If none of the cute pearl items released are to your taste, you can always purchase some pearl beads from a craft shop and sew them to other pieces (: I quite like the pearl trend, I find it very whimsical and pretty! What do you think? Got any cute pearl stuff? Thanks for reading and thank you sooo much for 100+ followers.. keep an eye out for a give away some time soon!!


  1. I adore pearls on clothing!! ^ O ^
    They make such a lovely touch when a couple are placed on a bow or a sleeve~ ^ /// ^

  2. I love the pearl trend! I think they are really cute on blouses and accessories especially. I actually just bought an offbrand blouse with pearls and lace on the collar. The great thing about pearls in my opinion is that they can go with both sweet and classic style, just depending on where you place them so they are pretty and versatile :)

  3. i love pearls :D feels more fairytale like!