Wellington trip + bits and pieces!

I have been so incredibly slack with updating and focussing my energy into a social life is completely to blame! Apologies, hopefully I can get back into it (: ^Above is my outfit for a little meet I hosted a few weeks back! Unfortunately we didn't take pictures as we got too carried away with watching DVDs and eating baked goods... next meet up we shall take lots of pictures!! There is only 4 of us but hey, we're a cool little group haha.

I had a magical time in Wellington! My mum took my brother and I up for a holiday and what a great idea :B It was pretty windy that day up the whole country so we had fun plane rides. On the first night (thursday) we looked around town for a bit then went back to the motel to hit the sack in preparation for an early morning start! (I warn, nothing is an order lol) FRIDAY:
The amazing Wellington lolitas hosted a meet in honour of me and it was unbelievably awesome!! My brother tagged along to meet everyone and take pictures for us but we were so late o: we couldn't find a bus for sooo long but we finally arrived about an hour late D: The tea party was beautiful - Ellie even made a delicious marshmallow pie, there was chocolate cake and lollies and lovely tea! Thanks to that I have discovered that I like black English breakfast tea!
Earlier that day I went to the zoo (a couple of pictures are down below further) and had been walking around for 4+ hours in the hot sun and wind.. I felt kinda embarrassed rocking up with my make up melting off and windblown hair haha I even forgot my waist ties asdfghjkl I am an eyesore but it was still so much fun though!
^wee Toast (the cat) getting pats! Such an awesome cat heh
Everyone had adorable and creative outfits! Not only are they a well dressed community but welcoming, hilarious, beautiful, diverse, polite, friendly, fun and so much more. I'm so lucky to meet them and if I do end up moving there next year, I'd be honoured to be a part of their group o:

Later that night, we went to the park and played on the flying foxes! It was a lot of fun (: we also enjoyed the other playground equipment and indulged in some chatting haha. We then all departed for home as it was dark and late~
Here are the zoo photos! I'm not spamming with all the animals - there were so many and they were all super adorable and cool but I picked these two cutie pictures :D lions spooning and a sweet otter!!
SUNDAY: This day we went to Te Papa museum and it was very interesting. Below is a picture from a 1950s Vogue exhibition which I thought was very pretty and full of petticoats! Unfortunately I didn't get any outfit pictures from that day :c I wore a pinkxblack coordinate featuring Bodyline and AP.
SATURDAY: Shopping day!! I found this gorgeous Peter Rabbit cup and couldn't resist getting it.. I mean, aw look at the cuteness!
I bought a fair bit of clothing but it's casual/ non lolita stuff most of it - I did get two pairs of tights in deep purple and bordeaux which I plan to coordinate with. I also got this wee bird to make a headdress with and my mum bought me the black rose ring which I've ended up wearing almost daily! It goes well with lolita too.
I got my nipple pierced on the Saturday! I've wanted to do so for a while and I'm really happy with it. This day we also went to an Inter-sex awareness celebration which was awesome and so much fun, I'm gutted I didn't have my camera! It was such a great trip and I'd love to go back there again.
Since I've been back I got my second tattoo! Click here to see it (: I've also become the proud owner of an albino rat because her original owner isn't allowed pets at the university hostel.. I've always wanted a rat and she's so precious! I love her lots and I'm sure she'll feature a few times on here. A very important thing to mention; I have been accepted into the course I wanted and I start on the 20th of Feb!! I hope it all goes well and is a great beginning to the career in fashion that I dream of.
I think a reason I haven't been posting so much is because I haven't treated myself to a new lolita piece in so long D: I must get around to that as soon as I have the money! Thanks for reading and I hope this was actually an interesting post for once :D


  1. yay nipple piercings! i have both of mine done, favourite piercing ^^ they look like such a nice group! all of your coords are super cute :)

    1. awesome :D they're definitely great piercings!
      they're truly wonderful and thank you!

  2. I love your first coord :D I was a little shocked when I read that you got your nipple pierced, and got a second tattoo... not that I have something against it, I just didn't think you where that kind of type to do it :P Good for you tho, and lovely pictures :D

    1. Haha well now that you mention it, I never write about that stuff on here.. I'm actually really into body mods :p
      Thank you!!