Fantasy Lolita

Lolita fashion is often described as being like a fairy tale - fantasy-like. I totally agree and this post is all about bringing out the most fantasy-like outfits and pieces (:
Head wear: I think that detailed stiff bonnets decorated with flowers, lace and gathers are so glorious and are the ultimate fairytale-like head piece. They are however very extreme so flower halos and flowery hair corsages are also adorable~ it's like fairies have turned your hair into a sweet garden.
Blouses: Flowing chiffon blouses are so dreamy and comfortable for warmer weather. Why not top off a pretty blouse with a pussy bow, lots of lace, bows & ribbons or pearls... or all of them!
Prints and dresses/ skirts: A plain fabric can always be fantasy-like, especially if it's a light fabric which drapes and flows. Print-wise, look out for fairy tales, mythical creatures, religious imagery, delicate flowers, woodland animals etc.
Leg wear: There are sooo many beautiful socks released by brands, I wouldn't even know where to begin. Probably think of the same deal for prints. If you don't want to wear a full on matching set, look out for tights or socks which match or bring out colours in the print you're wearing. Above are some thigh high socks by Celeste Stein which are very fantasy-like, unique and gorgeous.
Foot wear: Lolita shoes are all so super adorable but there isn't a whole lot to choose from. What is becoming 'acceptable' in regards to lolita shoes is definitely broadening though! Above are Vivienne Westwood Melissa Wing platforms and I think they look amazing with lolita.

Colours: Pretty much any colour can be fantasy-like! Some nice colour combinations, for example, are; mint x lavender, sax x yellow, bordeaux x navy, black x gold etc... The way you combine and use your colours will really help you to achieve a dreamy look.
Accessories: From earrings to nail art to necklaces to hand bags to wrist cuffs.. little details can really top off a great outfit! Go crazy with pearls, lace, flowers, faux fur, glitter - whatever appeals!
Thanks for reading! <3

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  1. I loved the tips!
    Funny that here in Brazil, most have a bias to use Melissa in lolita.
    I also think it's cool ♥