Day in Black ~ Kuro Lolita

Hello everyone! Welcome to my post about one of my favourite lolita sub-styles :D I hope you enjoy it!
What is kuro lolita?: Kuro = black. Kuro lolita follows the basic rules of lolita, but instead each item in the outfit is all in black.
Breaking up the black if it's just a bit too much, is pretty easy! Go for a black dress with a print or black socks with a pattern.
Mixing textures is great fun with kuro lolita... velvet, lace, cotton, crochet, sheer flowing fabrics ~ these can all work in a single outfit! Though, there are different shades of black (as strange as that may sound to some people) and they can still look good mixed or matched.
Because there is just one solid colour, exuberance is easy to get away with! Lots of frills, accessories and an overflow of bows don't look as over the top all in black.
I think head to toe black looks adorable topped off with a fancy black bonnet or other decorative head wear. Pretty much all hair colours look good with black too - good news for lolitas with festive hair colours!
Do you wear kuro lolita? If not, do you want to? What do you think of kuro lolita? Thanks for reading <3


  1. Such pretty pictures! And I would totally dress up in Kuro-Loli! It's very elegant and reminds me a lot of old fashioned styles :3

    ~ Kieli ~

    1. I see what you mean (: it does have a slightly vintage feel!