Vampire Requiem Replica Review!

Hello readers! Let's get straight into it~ I bought this replica through Clobbaonline and it is by Dream of Lolita. I chose navy and mine is size L. I ordered it on August 10th and it took 4months before it was ready and sent away.. a very long wait but I understood as they were being manufactured in bulk. Shipping took under two weeks and came with tracking.
The dress itself is quite nice quality! The lace used is a cotton blend and you can iron over it. The fabric is thick but not heavy and has a slightly canvass-y feel. My batteries ran out so there aren't as many pictures as I'd like but you still see all the important parts. The back has a nice stretchy shirring panel but the ribbon used was crappy - I just took mine out and used the waist ties. The waist ties attach with a button and are plain navy on both sides.
The print is very decent - though I don't have the original to compare it to. I expected the fabric to be a richer navy (for some reason) but I don't mind, it still looks really good! The skirt area is lined with some black lining fabric.
Here is the big chest bow! I don't wear it as it's just too huge haha and having a big bust, something so bulky just doesn't look good. On the site it says "*The pearl chain will not come with the cross" but mine did! It's really pretty and I'm thinking of removing it from the big bow and making myself a brooch of some sort or head wear.
^Worn picture! I like the way it fits and looks n__n I was concerned I wouldn't be able to pull of so much navy but I think it actually turned out fine. Oh you can kind of see my new hair in this picture, I dip dyed the tips dark pink!
^Shoe shot! Thanks for reading and do feel free to ask anything you want to know about this dress (:


  1. I'd actually been looking at getting that jsk myself but blue isn't really a colour i've ever worn, besides as jeans, and i don't know if i'm ready to take the risk spending that much on something that may or may not look good. -considers throwing a navy sheet on herself to see-

    It looks really good on you though.


    I get all excited when you update. I've never really been into reading blogs.

  2. I think it would look just fine on you (: you have a neutral hair colour and if you coordinate it with black it shouldn't look too intense! It's worth the money if you really love it, in my opinion :p

    Oh wow, thank you so much! I'm really happy to hear that :D that makes me very happy!

  3. I love this coordination!
    I wish I bought the blue one; I got the black one (sold it because it was more grey than black...) and red one (which is bleeding -_-")

  4. Oh no, I want this jsk in each colourway o: that's a shame to hear that they aren't so great after all :c