Bodyline review!

Hello everyone! My new bodyline jsk arrived last night so here is a wee review for you. I ordered this jsk in 2L. I used the $1 AIR shipping and it took about 6 days to get here. (JP-NZ) Details time~
There's a slight difference in the stock picture and my picture because I removed the bows from the front. I found that they were quite shiny and tacky so they had to go! Click here to see the bows before removal.
Here is the front of the bodice! Super pretty. I even think the shiny bow looks fine here.
^The bottom of the dress. An annoying thing I found with the bottom is that some lace is placed too close together and it's impossible to iron in the gap!
^Close up of bottom. The frilly bits at the bottom are really nice - soft and has cute hearts in it. The lace used on this jsk is also quite nice.
^Back of the bodice. The ribbon used is quite flimsy - not like my other black bodyline jsk.
^Worn picture! It fits me well and the fabric is lightweight but not too thin. It's not shiny or cheap looking and the lace used on the whole jsk is good quality. Thanks for reading and feel free to ask any questions you like about it (:


  1. You look so fabulous in black :)

    The details at the hem of your dress look really gorgeous <3

  2. Thank you so much! (: Oh they are, they're so cute~