Brown-in-lolita Appreciation Post!

I feel like I have seen brown pieces creeping into lolita more and more - not just in classic, either. I really like the colour brown with lolita so I decided to share a few nice outfits featuring brown (:
The brown IW bolero and bag are awesome with this floral jumperskirt.
Here is a great example of brown in sweet lolita - a cute melty chocolate coordinate with a brown polka dot cardigan creating mixed textures!
I like that brown is used purely with accessories. That bag is delightful!
It's hard to tell if the other colour is beige or a pale dusty pink, either way, super cute use of a brown underskirt with a matching bag!
Misako looks so lovely in this sweet mixture of deep brown, milky brown and pink~ that beret is also amazing!
Brown and burgundy is a gorgeous, dreamy classic combination.
Another sweet coordinate - a less common combination of brown and mint! I think it's so pretty and refreshing.
Here is one of IW's recent releases with one of their brown boleros which would be a very nice piece to own!
Here brown is used in just the accessories, again. The boots, bag and blouse all look like dark chocolate and look very nice with the dusty pink jumperskirt!
Thank you for reading :D I hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. I love brown in lolita, it works well for older girls.
    Brown and beige or ash pink looks amazing.