One dress, 5 coordinates!

I originally thought of doing this with a plain black jsk, but I decided it'd be a little too easy and this red one is more of a challenge! The main piece is a fully shirred jumperskirt from Bodyline and is currently still available on the website.
This coordinate features a black blouse and black tights - the obvious choice for shoes would be red or black but using these brown ankle boots with a woolly top brings out the colours featured in the print, which actually match perfectly! I think a brown hand bag or satchel would help the shoes look more matched.
This coordinate would be nice for summer! It features a sheer black blouse, black Bodyline shoes and black lace-top ankle socks would suit this best, I think.
This coordinate uses the brown shoes to bring out the colours of the print, yet again. Along with this, the BtSSB cardigan is red and creamy white - the red matches the jsk & the white matches the tights and tops of the boots along with the white in the print. A white Bodyline blouse is also in the mix. A red knit beret would be my choice of head wear, but I forgot to put it in the photo sorry!
An obvious choice for this coordinate would be black tights, but I decided to do something I consider quite risky = mix red and pink. I tried to do it in a subtle way, using these thigh high floral socks to bring out the little pink parts of the print. The picture below shows the pink in the print.

This coordinate features black tights, black Bodyline shoes, a red cardigan and a sheer black blouse with little polka dots all over which I chose for some additional texture as opposed to a plain black blouse.
Click here to see a casual whitexred coordinate with this jsk.
I plan to do more One dress, 5 coordinates posts in the future and possibly some of my coordination tips ~ I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading! <3


  1. thanks for a lovely post! I love posts like this :D:D

  2. Those ankle boots are adorable! :3

    I think my favourite coordinate is the last one because of all the red XD It almost has a Christmas feel to it!

    I also think the combination of red x pink in the fourth coord works really well :)

  3. @Churi
    No problem (: I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it!

    Thank you n__n I'm glad you appreciate my coords!