To buy or not to buy?

Here is my personal guide to deciding to buy or not to buy! I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful or at least entertaining n__n The big questions answered using red light (stop) and green light (go):

How often will you wear it?
'I'll wear it heaps, maybe even at least once a month' GREEN
'Probably only once or twice' RED

How much do you love it?
'So much, I think it's so beautiful and I'd love to wear it.' GREEN
'It's okay, pretty nice but not enough to be on my wishlist.' RED

Do you own things to coordinate it with?
'Yes, there are quite a few outfit possibilities for this using things I already have.' GREEN LIGHT
'No...' RED LIGHT, UNLESS.. 'But I plan to buy things to coordinate with it'

Will it look good on you?
'It's high waisted and I'm very busty.. so probably not so flattering' RED LIGHT
'Yes, I fit the measurements and it's the right cut for my shape' GREEN LIGHT

Can you afford it?
'Yes, I have enough in my account to buy it and pay for shipping' GREEN LIGHT
'Not really... but I guess my rent can wait this week!' RED LIGHT

Does it have positive reviews?
'Yes.. well, a few positive ones are in there somewhere..' RED LIGHT
'Yes, little to zero negative reviews' GREEN LIGHT

Is there anything you want more or would benefit from more than this?
'No, this is my ultimate want right now!' GREEN LIGHT
'Yes, but I wanna buy this dress.. I don't want to wait until after I've got a petticoat.' RED LIGHT

Are you buying this because you love it?
'Definitely, it's my style and I adore it.' GREEN LIGHT
'Not really, I'm buying it because I think my friends/ partner will like it' RED LIGHT

Is there anything else you consider before buying? c: please share


  1. ha ha thanks allot :D I've been looking too much at clothes I want to buy lately and it is really fustrating :P

  2. Haha! I ask myself all those questions as well. Another thing I do is instead of buying it right away (if time allows) I leave it off for a week and see if I still want it as much.

  3. That's a really good idea! (: