Southern Hemisphere Lolita ~ Bodyline winter goodies

If you're in the southern hemisphere you'll be noticing a change in the weather! Long dreamy days in the sun are turning into i'll-wear-anything-layered-just-to-escape-this-chill days. Here is a wee post about some lovely winter items bodyline has that would be great for keeping snug this season! [examples in picture above]
Long sleeved blouses - Perfect for keeping your arms cosy! Plus no one can see the thermal you might be wearing underneath.
Coats - An obvious one, but hey! Bodyline has some extremely pretty coats at the moment.
OTKs - Tights would be ideal, but OTKs are still good enough for keeping the cold off your knees!
Capelets - Caplets are so cute and I can promise that they are snuggly ~ they're warmer than a scarf and cover your shoulders.
Long sleeved OPs - For obvious reasons c:
Boots - If you have to hike through the snow or just want to keep your legs warm, boots are a great option as opposed to most lolita shoes.
Long sleeved boleros/ cardigans - Possibly not ideal for terribly cold days, but they'd definitely keep the chill off around the house!
I've been wearing my thermals, capelet, fur collar, tights & OTKs and long sleeved blouse to fight the chill lately! I'd like to/ need to get a coat at some point. What do you do to keep warm in lolita?


  1. God now I want to buy EVEN more stuf from bodyline:P

  2. I live in Ireland, but it's still cold here and I'm still wearing tights, boots and long sleeve cardigans!!! ^__^

    I like your posts because you are not talking about swimsuits and sandals that I can't wear :(

  3. Me too! Ah thank god I don't have a lot of money, Bodyline would have so much of it!

    Aw I'm glad you like it! The thought of jsks without blouses make me shiver haha