Trip to Dunedin ~ Armageddon Expo 2011

Hey followers! I have a big long yarn for you all about my weekend (:
The day I went to Armageddon Expo was also International Lolita Day! I had a wonderful surprise - meeting another lolita! :D it was so exciting. She rushed up to me as soon as I arrived and we were so excited/ happy to see each other! She's from Christchurch and her name is Donna, if I remember correctly... don't quote me on it though, my memory is awful - especially during exciting times. Though she is from Christchurch, she has an accent that sounds US but I didn't ask heh, she was also losing her voice due to a cold. Aw Donna is cute and mini and I look giant next to her haha she was wearing a lovely dress from Meta but forgot her petti unfortunately. I was also informed that Christchurch Armageddon Expo is just next month - I reeeally want to go but I couldn't afford accommodation and travel and all the such like :c

Here is a picture of my boyfriend's Sebastian cosplay. He loved this guy's outfit so much lol. Many people asked for photos with us and of us, it was pretty cool and I hope I am able to find them one day! The expo was fairly tiny, it was literally in a hall way and a lecture theatre because they were using a small portion of the university facilities.

Here's a picture of the lecture theatre where they were showing clips of animes and showed everyone what it's like to be a voice actor and some people got to try it out, one guy was fantastic! Sadly we weren't there for very long, only a few hours so we didn't see a whole lot. During this I learnt a fair bit about myself.. I saw so many awesome cosplays that I'd love to share on here but I was too shy to even approach people and compliment their cosplays let alone take a picture of them. I think I really need to work on this because I'm afraid I came across as snobby or something, I was just shy and awkward -_-

These next two pictures are of some year 10s (aged about 14) from the same school I go to, we talk to them a bit at school and other places so we all get along quite well! I forgot to take a picture of them at Armageddon but we saw them in town on Sunday anyway - the two above are the only ones who changed their cosplay. On day 1 they had a vocaloid cosplay and on day 2 they wore a Haruhi cosplay as you can see! I also recently found out that the girl in the Haruhi cosplay also likes lolita and her and her friend (not pictured) wear it :D so exciting to not be a loner loli! I think I should try to arrange a day for us to all get together in lolita - we all already agreed to all wear it on a mufti day at school n__n

We found them in the Anime section at a dvd/ cd store.... no surprises there, haha.

I bought these two things at Armageddon expo - I know it's not much, but nothing else really jumped out at me. The Sakura figure is so cute and happy in her skates! The key ring is also a bottle opener (: kind of brings to question what age group these are aimed at...

On Sunday I went around town shopping and I wore fairy kei! Just this outfit: with a beenie instead. Above is a close up on the beenie~ so snuggly.

This is all I ended up getting because yet again, nothing jumped out at me. I couldn't resist the cute and cheap knee high star socks! The grey patterned tights are so warm and I thought they'd be good for coordinating with a grey cardigan I own, nice and cosy for winter in lolita. I saw the nice coat hangers and had to get them - they're padded and don't leave marks in my dresses and blouses like plastic coat hangers do! I also got some hello kitty panties :D they're not pictured because they were being washed before I could wear them. I ended up spending a fair bit on food but oh well, I needed to eat! I don't mind that I didn't get much, now I have more money towards dresses! I hope everyone had a fantastic Lolita Day ♥


  1. OMG that's my lecture theatre over there, Castle 2! I can't believe I didn't attend the expo, damn final exam and the lack of lolita outfits :( Oh well, there's always next year I guess. Next time I'll be wearing full-blown lolita for sure :D
    Too bad I wasn't able to meet you last weekend. But you seem to have lots of fun, and I really really love your coord for the day :D Happy belated Loliday to you!

  2. the coat hangers were SO cute! I really want some of those! :O