Day 22 – A picture of your room.

Instead of just a picture, here are a few! My room is tiny and boring by the way, I only took pictures of the parts that are in any way interesting XD

Le holy wardrobe! Best part of my room, I think.
Here is my big snuggly bed! It can't just be me, it kinda looks like hello kitty is pulling the finger...

The biggest wall in my room, the opposing wall is pretty much just windows! Here you can see my photoboard, bows to sell hanging up, random Meta shopping bag etc. I like my walls, they're a nice colour.

Inside my wardrobe! It looks empty.. but things are just over lapping and out of view. I shall be ordering some new items soon though ;)

Aw my poor lonely pair of shoes! I should invest in some more, I think. I was supposed to replace this huge shoe box with a nicer looking box, but I can't find one big enough for all my socks o:

Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed my room ♥


  1. Your room is so cute!! <3 Well, at least the parts you've showed us, like you said XD I totally love your wardrobe and the stuff you have on your wall. Looks really lovely~

  2. How lovely! I really liked your closet! closet pictures is SO inspiring :P Can I get all of your Loli clothes?! :P

  3. Your room looks very cute and well-organized :3

  4. Thanks heaps everyone n___n I'm glad you enjoyed looking at my room!