Super random post!

I warn you, this post is nothingness lol. ^^ I decided to hang my totes over most of the storage part of my wardrobe! It's actually a cool way to display my bags.

Recent super purple outfit :D Including lavender pannier, purple sweater, black tights and black top underneath that kinda pokes out, but you can't really see it here.

I recently made this head bow with a hime influence in mind! I used raschel lace - but I used it as tastefully as I could and hand sewed on each pearl! I liked the way it turned out, I think it's pretty cute (: I hope everyone's doing well!


  1. Your bags are so pretty!! My favourite is the black one, with tea cups and tea pots....maybe because I'm drinking tea at the moment :D

  2. Thanks (: fair enough, it's super cute!
    Heh that sounds good~