30 day lolita challenge: Day 2: 10 things you love in lolita

As you can see, I'm skipping number one, as I don't understand what a "lolita bubble" is supposed to mean!
1) The way it makes me feel! Buying a new piece, thinking of coordinations, putting that petti under a puffy pretty dress, looking in the mirror after I put on the final touches.. wearing lolita makes me feel so good!

2) The community! Thousands (or probably more?) people joining together simply for the love for a fashion and sharing support, advice, compliments, knowledge, friendship etc. It's a great thing that clothing can bring so many lovely people together.

3) Prints! I'm a bit of a print junkie.. I do appreciate simple pieces but I'm drawn to prints for the art and detail and the way they make a dress busy and eye catching immediately.

4) The details! Mainly of high quality items. I love the embroided lace, prints, bows, frills, gathering, buttons, sleeves, waist bows, waist ties etc. Every little piece of love that is sewn or painted into the design makes it so very beautiful.

5) Cute shoes and socks! I adore fancy socks with adorable patterns up the sides or all over - especially OTKs. Give me a cute flat heel shoe with a bow on top and some buckles and I'm in shoe heaven!

6) The variety! I do believe there is a style out there for everyone (:

7) I love that I'm in the prime of lolita! Brands releasing bigger sizes, bodyline has increased in quality, shopping services, more brands and stores etc. lolita is easily accessible now and we are so lucky.Thanks aunty lolitas who helped this all happen!
8) Animal stuff! Plush pony bags, cat & bunny prints, bear covered socks.. I love it all! I love animals and I can't resist adorable animal motifs.

9) Bodyline! Haters gonna hate, Bodyline is so good. It's affordable and has everything you need for your wardrobe - it's not brand quality or brand designed but it's cheap and so good for the price if you pick the right things!

10) The opportunity to be yourself! Clothing is a good way to express yourself, in my opinion. Lolita is a way to show the world who you are, if it is a reflection of the princess inside or a statement to say 'this is who I am, and I don't care what you think'.

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