30 Day Lolita challenge: Day 3 – 10 things you hate in lolita.

Before anyone is offended at all, this is my opinion and my tastes and I respect that everyone has different tastes/ opinions - especially when it comes to fashion! So please respect mine (:

1)I hate bell sleeves!! I just cannot stand the way they look! So flappy and huge lol not my thang! I can be quoted on wanting to burn them all...

2)I hate the hate! The trolls, the hatin' lolitas, the lolita haters etc. I dislike any drama and conflict - especially over fashion.

3) I hate mary jane platforms! I have only seen a few oufits that I like with these shoes and I still think an elegant heeled ankle boot would look so much better. I think these shoes remind me so much of fetish wear, that's probably why I dislike them.

4) I hate yukatas! Sorry wa-lolis, I think yukatas are ugly and unflattering!

5) I hate rocking horse shoes! I think "hate" might be an exaggeration, but I just don't think they look good. Too high, too chunky and too boring.

6) I hate that many dresses are short on me! I'm quite picky about length and feel unsatisfied if dresses end too high above my knees. Sometimes it's just a few centimetres that would make a huge difference.

7) I don't really like pastel prints on black dresses! I mean those chunky pastel bits that are hard to distinguish and are not harmonious against black.. an example that comes to mind is BTSSBs creamy soda pop in black.

8) Dodgy scam sites! Though I have never been a victim of these, it's annoying to know that they're out there ripping people off!

9) The connection with paedophilia due to Lolita the novel.. this just speaks for itself. So awkward talking about it or trying to explain it to people who have read the book or heard of "lolicon" ugh.

10) The price! I know, brand is worth every penny - but it's still expensive.


  1. brand dresses seem to get shorter and shorter every year - i hate it too! i feel ridiculous in a dress that ends wayy above my knees, and sadly many of my favorite dresses would be too short on me @___@

  2. I also cannot stand bell-sleeves!
    I just don't think they flatter anyone!

  3. @insertcake
    I know how you feel! It kinda puts you off buying the dress all together and it's very sad D:

    Yessss! They just look so crazy!

  4. I totally agree with you on points 4 and 9. Some people just don't get what pedophilia is and that teenage girls/grown-up women don't attract to pedophiles, no matter how childish they look. And then explaining the "Lolita" thing to those who actually don't care.
    But I have to disagree on points 1 and 3. I love Bell sleeves (although they are impractical) and plateau Mary Janes! And to be honest, the "fetish" shoes mostly have hight, slim heels. But well, the tastes are different! ^_^

  5. Bell sleeves are acceptable for old school lolita or intense hime in my opinion but other than that I think they're weird! lol
    Huge, chunky Mary Janes are fine but not with lolita in my eyes haha.
    Oh yes, now that you mention it the ones with a similar shape but really skinny heels come to mind more XD
    Thanks for commenting!