random post c:

Hey followers! This is just a random post to blab on about random stuff :p proper posts will come, I promise! I found some cute pink pom pom trimmings at a local crafts store, I only got half a meter this time because it costs $10 per meter -_- so I'm thinking up wee things to make with half a meter of it haha. I'll probably buy lots of it if I decide to make a super sweet or fairy kei piece with that kind of trimming. I also got some more cotton lace which is going to go on my up coming project... first ever lolita skirt! I'm making it with the same fabric from this jsk:
http://nekolady.blogspot.com/2011/03/hello-followers.html I hope it goes smoothly and I hope I suit skirts! I never buy them as I'm afraid I won't suit them, and because I can't resist jsks and ops for some reason!I've also decided that my casual fashion will be fairy kei inspired outfits and full on fairy kei! I can't wait to do some shopping and get a few pieces ^.^ I'm excited to know that I will soon be wearing another cute fashion. I wore my hair like the picture above on Monday heh it was fun and I got quite a few compliments!

And finally, this is a snap shot of a book in my fashion & design class I was looking through today. I saw the "scalloped" skirt and instantly thought LOLI!


  1. Those pom poms will look so cute on whatever you decide to make, and that hair style is adorable :3
    It's funny how lolita seems to randomly crop up in books and random places, isn't it? :)

  2. I can't wait to see your skirt :DD! fairy kei is a really fun fashion to wear casually, have fun with it! your hair looks super cute x3

  3. @Spiffykidd
    Heh I think so too, they're just so cute :D thank you! And yes, it was so unexpected but cool haha.

    Thanks (: that's great to hear! It looks like so much fun, I couldn't resist joining :p aw thank youu!

  4. I got that same trim recently! It's so versatile and easy to use -- on pretty much everything :<!

    I'm excited to see what you're gonna make!

  5. Oh that's so good to hear! c:
    thanks for letting me know!