Hello followers!

Just a quick, rather boring post to update! I finished my latest jsk. First I was unsure about it because it's so different from my usual style, but now I quite like it! It goes past my knees and has a longer bodice - it gives me a really classic feel c: I also bought a black, ruffled dress that is short enough to double as a blouse! I was really glad it had no cheap lace or anything like that. ps. sorry about the weird looking blurred face, but my face was worse! ..trust me O_O
I'm also pretty glad that I've found a place to take full outsit shots :D even though my hair kind of blends in.

I also went thrifting and found this cute, soft, dusty pink detachable collar o: I added the bow from my heart pocket op and it is now adorable! -especially for $2! Worn picture: http://-nekolady.tumblr.com/post/3955278537


  1. Likin' the JSK! I could never make those kinda things ;________;
    And the collar is really cuuute :D

  2. Your outfit came out super nice! It looks fantastic on you!