My Life As A Lolita: AGE

I am currently 17 going on 18 in October. I know I'm not very old as such, but sometimes when I'm not feeling 100% I doubt my pastel frills and their loveliness. Sometimes I feel like I should move on to classic for a more mature look immediately or just give up before I ~waste time and money~. Then as soon as I'm feeling better, I know it was a silly thing to even think that in the first place!
Being age appropriate isn't what makes me happy - lolita is! So what if people are shocked to hear my age?! If they have a problem, well, they have a problem. I love lolita and it's pastels, frills, prints, florals, lace, poof, bows etc.
Lolita isn't about age or age play - I don't wear it to look youthful, I wear it because it's beautiful. So, age should not be an issue. Plus, if I decide one day that I've outgrown sweet, there is always classic! ;)

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