Lolita Hair Inspiration

(click pictures to get a better look)
My first line up of lolita hair inspiration consists completely of Misako! Her hair is always fantastic and she is one of my fashion idols/ inspirations. Misako always has darling curls, amazing bangs and can rock the side pony!

For above and below, many of these are wigs - wigs are awesome for trying out a different style or colour and can add a little something extra to your outfit. Some wigs are so realistic and beautifully styled! We also see the fluffy curls trend in a couple of pictures and the low bun-type-thingies. I'd love to see a tutorial on how to do this!

I hope this wee selection of pictures inspire you to try something different with your hair!


  1. honestly,I prefer wigs)
    Its more simple to buy wig)and u can choose any color u want)

  2. Good point! Plus, if they're nice quality they look sooooo good!