Lolita Head Wear #2

My last post about head wear was all about the basics! Now I shall introduce some more head wear items. Some more rare, different, old and new.
Above is the beret. This item used to be popular back in the days of my parents and has now become fashionable yet again, especially in lolita! They also look lovely with most styles. Berets look great with a nice wintery looking coordinate. The are sometimes decorated with bows, appliques, lace etc.
Above is the hair corsage. I did not know about these until recently, probably because I am uninterested in them. Though some people could pull them off. They are often circular, lacey and worn on the side of the head.

Above is the boater hat. It has only recently come into the lolita scene and has become a huge trend. Boater hats are always flat on top and when worn with lolita can easily be decorated to match your outfit! They also have enough room to be covered in large bows and deco supplies. Boater hats are great because they can look nice with many styles.
Above is the mini hat. It has become less popular because it is quite hard to pull off. Mini hats are usually worn with OTT sweet styles and are worn on the side of the head and sometimes are decorated to look like cakes and the such like.

And the last, above are mini bows. These are seen more in casual styles or are worn for a more simple look. They are also used for placing around the base of bonnets or are seen swimming in the curls of ponytails along side huge alice bows in deco/ OTT styles.

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