2011 and the such like

The new year is usually when people make big new years resolutions and goals, but I have tried this for many years and nothing gets done! Mostly because I am lazy and lack motivation. But for me 2011 is very important. This year is my last year at high school! I turn 18 this year - I'm going to legally be an adult. I have a lot of decision making and progressing to do; planning secondary education, accommodation and all that fun stuff. But before I (probably) leave this city I need to do many other things. One of them being getting a job! I have started writing up the perfect CV and thinking of places to work. Before I even go to apply I need to dye my hair brown again, which needs to be done for school anyway. I would struggle to find a job with pink/ peach hair. I like to think of the pros of things for motivation, so here are my pros for being employed:

-money! obviously..

-I will be able to afford more lolita

-being out in the community might make me grow to be more comfortable with myself and I could find it easier to wear lolita when I'm not working & at school

-when I'm working I won't be sitting around being lazy and eating! woohoo potential weight loss!

-meeting new people and blah blah blah, other less important things imo. haha.

Another thing I need to do is lose weight! This is not because 'WAAAH I wanna be skinny baww boys will like me and be able to lift me up easily' or anything ridiculous like that. I simply need to be healthier! According to BMI I am overweight >_> and losing weight will be great for my well being. Main pros of losing weight:

-more lolita options; fitting into smaller dresses! ...if I lose weight from my bust that is.


The last important thing is that I want to be involved in the fashion industry when I leave school! I had to ditch my fashion & design course in level one because of bullying but I have re applied this year :) I really hope I get in! I also need to practice and improve my sewing. Tomorrow I am going to have a look for cheap fabric and a pattern to alter for practice! Wish me luck on finding everything and my attempt at a jsk! heh, I will be requiring the help of my mummy for some parts but I think attempting to make the jsk will be a great test and learning experience. Plus, if it turns out alright then I can actually wear it!

Are you doing any of these things too? Or, what do you need to get done this year? (: Wishing you all a happy 2011 ♥

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