Delayed posts all in one :D

Sorry about the lack of posts lately! I've been very lazy and slightly busy. Over the new years period I went camping in a town about 2 hours away from my home city, it was alright but I will never stay at a camping ground like that again! Anyways, yesterday I redecorated and shifted around my room! The picture above is on top of my mirror. It has a couple of my little ponies surrounding a pretty mummy bunny carrying her baby (: I like my room a lot more the way it is now! There is much more room but my decorating is not 100% finished. I feel like my room is missing something(s). Tomorrow I am going into town to buy some pretty circular boxes for storage! I decided I needed some for my lolita socks because I will have more after my next bodyline purchase.
This is from a wee while ago on a chilly day. I decided to try a wintery-gothic-classic-pink co ordinate? Haha, I didn't get any good pictures sorry! I am wearing my pink classic op from Bodyline with black boots (offbrand), a non-loli jacket and white tights. This jacket was quite roomy so it worked well enough! I just left it unbuttoned and added the detachable bow to the waist of the jacket. It looks strange in pictures but it looked quite good in person! It was also super snuggly (: below is me in a cheap wig that I wanted to try out! I was buying my boyfriend cosplay wigs for christmas and the woman misheard me and grabbed the curly one instead of the straight one. I didn't find out until I got it home that it was the wrong one! I just thought oh well and kept it anyway! It wasn't too bad for a cheap wig, not too shiny and thick enough. It helped me decide that I would love to buy a decent wig to wear! I think I would like to buy a blonde one with clip on pony tails.

Above is my rainbow dash necklace! I wore her the whole time I was camping and a lot when I was home (: I love how cute she is! She was originally just a figurine but taught me how to turn them into necklaces! (you just make a hole with a thick pin then twist a necklace loop into the hole). Below are two matching rings that i got for christmas. They are like pearls surrounded in diamonds and I like that one is white and one is more peachy!
This is my boyfriend and I today! Yes, he is wearing a sombrero haha. My poor petti was so squished from hugs! Worth it though n__n
And this is a christmas present from my brother (he knows me too well). I adore this hello kitty compact mirror with a comb! It's so sweet and handy

Thanks for reading this random post of nothingness! I hope I can provide you with something interesting to read soon <3 also a big thank you to me new followers! and of course you followers that have been around for a while ;)