Wonder Cookie Replica from Qutieland!

Yup! It finally arrived :D I ordered straight through the Qutieland website. It was a long process due to the near-christmas-season. Over all the time was 1.5 months to be ordered, made and sent to me. It felt like forever but I understand that many businesses are busy at the moment and I was happy to just recieve it in the end!
This dress has a built in petti coat but it was just a little too deflated looking for me so I wear it with my other petti as well. The dress is too big for me around the waist area especially and a bit around the bust. Luckily it has waist ties so I can tighten it around the waist. I'm also grateful that it's not too small! That would be more annoying. A positive is that I can fit a blouse under it in the winter for extra warmth. It came with the apron but as you can see in the pictures - I'm not wearing it, as I don't really like aprons unless I'm baking or cooking! I might warm up to the apron though haha.
As the picture above shows, the print is clear and well printed for such a cheap replica! Of course, replicas will never be brand quality - you want brand quality, you buy brand! It's pretty crazy that it just blatantly says "Angelic Pretty" on the print. You'd think they might change or remove it.. apparently not? The lace used is quite nice thick cotton lace. I'm glad they didn't use any cheap plasticy lace. It's pretty comfy and the fabric is nice, like the fabric used on Bodylines better dresses. I'm happy with my purchase and I should wear this dress one day during the next week :)


  1. I have this in blue! I agree, It's beautiful quality <3
    Next time if you want to avoid long waits, why not use a taobao shopping service? most only charge 10% as a fee and is usually much cheaper and quicker than Qutieland. I guess it's a bit scarier, but I think it's worth it :D

  2. oh awesome :D so decent for the price!
    Thanks! I think I'll use taobao next time :) I heard it's much cheaper and I trust your opinion!

  3. Very cute dress. I think this would exactly fit for my baby. I love it! So cute. replica watches