Since it is the holidays here in New Zealand I apologise for my laziness about posting! I've been pretty slack really heh. I have been a little busy with painting and drawing lately. I used to randomly design clothing when I was bored and I have started it again! I have started with lolita and am hand painting my own print designs. Unfortunately it takes between 1 & 2 hours just to complete one design so it tends to take up a lot of time. Oh, and hair update! Today I redyed my hair a wee bit because the whole fringe, ends and top had turned apricot. My hair is not as bright as the first time because I like it quite pale. Sadly, my extensions are so bright! They're OTT and do not match my hair at all. I'm working on changing that though *wish me luck!*. I think I'll be wearing lolita tomorrow so I may do some posts to encourage the loli mood! Plus my next Best Of Bodyline post will be on one pieces. I hope the wee segment is at all helpful or appreciated. I have fun picking my favourite pieces from each section n__n Thanks for reading!

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