The Best of Bodyline!: Jumperskirts

Some lolitas cringe at the thought of wearing Bodyline, but there really is nothing to be afraid of! Bodyline's quality and style has improved over the years from cosplayish lace monsters to some pretty nice pieces! There are a few things to be weary of though - check the lace: sometimes it can be a bit off or in strange places, length: Bodyline released a few "jsks" that are quite short and would be more appropriate for hime gyaru than lolita, bows: bows are sometimes placed in strange places but basic sewing skills can fix that! and stock pictures: I warn you, some stock pictures are off! I bought a classic-sweet op from bodyline expecting it to be a gentle pastel pink but instead recieved a brighter pink print! :(

*for above: the stock picture looks nice - but the photo of the model shows that the frills on the straps stick out quite a lot, though that would probably be easy to fix.

*for above: oh dear, ignore that gross blouse under this jsk! this would probably look best with a bolero or cardigan on top.

ps. check out the post below for another lovely Bodyline jsk ♥

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