Must have!

When this jsk was first released, it was only in size M.. and for the life of me I could never squeeze my boobs into a size M! I was disappointed because it's sooo sweet! So I dealt with my sometimes unfortunate bust and bought the tote instead. But, now the dress is in my size :D I muuust have it! It's so gorgeous, I can't resist! I'm currently saving for it in the pink colour way. I would have liked this to be my first black piece but it's all sold out in every size unfortunately. I chose pink instead because it's my favourite colour and I know what colour the jsk will be according to the tote! It's kind of bright but still lovely c: So the blouse, jsk and shipping is going to cost me NZ$100 - worth it! I'm so happy that I looked through the jsks through boredom and found it.

waaah! the site now says that there are none of these left in pink! Apparently there are still blue and yellow - of course I'll go for the blue. Fingers crossed it's actually available! I loooove this jsk.

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