LoliGirls: The Movie

LoliGirls is a short documentary about three lolitas in the USA. It was brought to my attention by Dalin, the author of La Vida Frills (a fantastic blog). Here is a link to her blog where you can find the review she wrote on the film

I read the review and thought it sounded very interesting and enjoyable. I watched it and it was so lovely and charming! The editing was really well done and the filming was nice. What the girls spoke about was great to hear and I felt like I related to it a lot! I found myself smiling through the whole thing, it was just a nice watch! I reccomend it to every loli and anyone who is interested with a spare 15 minutes. Here is the link to find the movie, squizz around the left link bar and click "Video".

This wee documentary was sweet and relatable. I'd love to see editions of LoliGirls from all around the world and see what lolita is to them etc. I can imagine a New Zealand edition would be quite funny! Anyway, whoever watches, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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