Sweet Gifts

Christmas is coming soon.. a little too soon! I know I have trouble thinking up ideas for gifts and if you do too, then I hope this post can help you! If you have a sweet friend who deserves a sweet gift, I have a nice option for you ;) Gift baskets/ gift boxes!

Find an appropriate sized box or basket and decorate it! You could pick a colour or theme for the whole gift. You could decorate the box or basket with ribbons, bows, glitter, decoden etc.

Now, what to fill it with!? Your sweet friend might have something they love? For example, cats. If your sweet friend loves cats then perhaps you could centre their gift around cat related things. This helps to make the gift more personal and it shows you take notice of their interests, which is often greatly appreciated! But in general, here are some things you could fill the gift basket or box with:

*cute accessories ~ rings, hair bows, necklaces, brooches, wrist cuffs, socks etc.

*a small letter or card with a kind message

*flavoured lip gloss ~ pick out their favourite flavour

*candy ~ lollipops, hard boiled candy, candy canes etc ~ perhaps package them nicely with ribbon

*a hand made gift

*a decorated photo of you and them

Little things pulled together can mean a lot and the hand made parts show that you care (they are also affordable!). These wee gift boxes/ baskets can also be great for lolita meet ups! You could make single ones or a large one for everyone to take something from. I hope this idea is helpful for anyone who couldn't think of a present for a sweet friend this year! Good luck with your Christmas shopping everybody! ♥

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