Creamy Soda Pop.. such an adorable jsk with a delicious, powdery print and a lovely cut. Sweet bows along the bust and frills around the bottom. I've always wanted a dress in white and this one has a dreamy pinky colour infused with the print. It's so precious and cute and it's in my size! It was a tough choice between this one and the pink one.. and the blue one ;) But I chose this darling to be my first brand piece!

Of course... it will set me back a bit. A good NZ$385 to be exact. But, I hope to have a job soon and I will save up for it. This jsk is so pretty and I hope it will be worth the money! So, tell me readers, what was your first brand piece? Was it worth the money? If you don't wear brand, what was your first lolita piece? ♥


  1. This print is so amazing and I've had my eye on it as well! I've seen many great coordinates with it because it can work as an elegant dress or something more sweet. You might want to try Mbok or Yahoo!JP auctions with a shopping service if you don't want to spend as much, as I've seen this dress go for a very reasonable price. As for my first brand piece, it was Metamorphose's Toy Box JSK in cream! It was definitely worth the money, although I did get it used from Closet Child for a lower price. Theres no need to dish out a small fortune for brand! :)

  2. Oh yes, thank you! That will be very helpful!

    Awh wow, that is such a cute jsk! Good choice!
    True, true.. I'll look more into second hand pieces n__n