I found new buttons :D

My dress just wasn't right with those sparkly, gem buttons - so I did something about it! I spent a few days wondering where I could find some appropriate buttons. I knew the local craft & sewing store wouldn't have something I desired. I then remembered that wee shop beside the salon I work at weekly, I knew it had cheap and pretty lace and cute woolen childrens jerseys, so I thought I might try there. BEST IDEA EVER. They have the cutest buttons! They have buttons of bows and bunnies and anything cute or vintage you could think of. An elderly couple own the shop and they are so lovely! Everything is amazingly affordable. I got all 7 buttons for about $3.50! I couldn't find any pearl buttons I liked but I found these cute heart ones, they remind me of heart shaped tarts n___n I think they could be used for deco if you snap the button hole thing off the back. I really like these buttons as they give the dress a more classic and subtle feel rather than sparkly and cheap. I also found myself a favourite button store!

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