It arrived :D

Yay! My dress was here, all lovely and waiting for me after school. It's very nice and comes with a pretty head dress! I was a little bit dissappointed that it was darker than the picture showed but it's wonderful none the less. The fabric is so soft! I tried it on and it fits nicely, though I think I will have to wear a bra which will make me appear less busty because this dress seems to emphasises that area, and that is not something I want or need at all! It just needs a nice iron and I shall be wearing it soon. I was very pleased to discover that the long sleeves are detachable, awesome!
I realized I don't have a pretty coat hanger for my new dress, so I found a white one and stuck a little bit of jewels on it, which will have to do for now. I hope I find a good one like I have for my blue dress. It matches and has padding, so it leaves no hanger marks on the dress. My new one needs a padded hanger because it is actually quite heavy and I want to avoid nasty marks.

Another thing, I do not like these buttons very much. They're also on the cuffs. The next time I'm at a sewing/ craft store I will buy white pearl buttons to replace them. These buttons are just way too sparkly and over the top for this dress and I think they ruin the whole feel of the dress, so I really look forward to replacing them! In a few days I'll add a picture dump of the dress as a whole etc etc. n___n thanks for reading!

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