(close up above)

The lolita community seems to be very disgusted with ths pictures above.. and I understand why! It's not because she looks bad, she's just simply not wearing it correctly. That hair slicked back into a pony tail and red lipstick is not the way to go! Maybe if she had her fringe down with some sweet curls, subtle pink lips and a less sexual look on her face this would be fine. These pictures are pushing lolita fashion into the mainstream (gaga and jessica simpson have already done this too) and it's not a positive thing when the fashion is represented incorrectly. It's true that lolita fashion can be for anyone, but Katy has this hot sex kitten look, and this never goes with lolita! People also assosiate her video California Gurls with lolita, when it has very little to do with the fashion. Sure, every lolita would love to go to an adorable, candy covered place but we would never wear glittery hot pants and cup cake bras claiming to be lolita. The only bad thing about lolita and Katy Perry is that she is giving people the wrong idea. Her interpretation comes across as sexy, childish, playful and sexual. The thing is, THAT IS NOT LOLITA - and the community does not want lolita to be seen as that.

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