Hey there followers! Just stopping by to share an outfit I wore a wee while ago which is lovely, black and not bad for the warmer days (: fishnets with a pretty pattern and my sheer cap sleeve blouse make a nice team as summer is now here.. though today it was pouring down.
Blouse: Offbrand
Tights: Offbrand
Jsk: Bodyline
Bag: Offbrand
Headband: Handmade

I also have put up a sales post of some lolita stuff I don't wear/ want! It's all sweet or bittersweet stuff and I need it gone. I hate having lovely clothing sitting around in my closet - I would like for someone else to enjoy it and actually wear it! *Click here for my sales post* it's all quite cheap too c:
I have my eye on this OP by Bodyline, in black of course.. after I saw some pictures other than the stock photos I felt like I must have this dress, regardless of the fact I won't be able to wear it for a while as it's apparently very cosy and winter is a while away. It's going to cost me NZ$94 including shipping just for this dress so I hope my sales post will bring me some extra funding towards it, haha. If I do get it, I will post a detailed review for you all! Thanks for following and reading everyone, I hope to be posting more in the near future 

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