Trending Can Be Affordable!

Juliette et Justine (pictured above) has been throwing out plenty of oil painting inspired prints lately! I personally, love them. It's something different and beautiful - tingles my adoration for lolita and European art. Juliette et Justine's dresses will set you back around (NZ)$400+ per piece, which is a common brand price tag. If you're not financially set up for shelling out so much for one dress or skirt, there are other ways to get on the ~trend train~ :)

Celeste Stein tights are so lovely and whimsical! CS tights are available in a huge variety of different prints and are quite cheap, approximately $20 for a pair.

Cameo painting necklaces are a super pretty accessory! They can be found all over the net - ebay and etsy will have plenty. Price ranges are approx $5-$20. Pssst, ebay has some featuring vintage cats *u*
Lady Sloth has some beautiful hand made painting print dresses for under $200! This one is "Silk Cherubs"

Surfacespell's lovely dress for not much more than $100 through taobao. Can be purchased here.
If you are pretty skilled with a sewing machine you can have fabric custom printed or buy some already printed online and make your own dresses, skirts and accessories! If you have hand made anything featuring such prints you should definitely share/ link me ;)
I hope this was helpful and as always, thank you for reading 

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