A little meet & stuff...

Hello! These holidays I made myself a basic black skirt. Click here to see a worn picture. I thought it was a little too long for a start but I actually quite like the length, it has the potential to be dressed up to look quite elegant! It was also good practice for skirt making - I feel much more confident about making lolita items now. I look forward to being more adventurous and intricate. 
 If you would like to make your own, click here for an awesome tutorial by Makelovely! 
 I also hosted a small meet the other day c: just Kami, Shaun and I. Shaun wasn't in his usual stuff.. he's usually decked out in platforms, a fancy hat and cane! I'm sure you'll see him all out another time (:
 I made a nice big jug of English Breakfast Tea and we enjoyed a big plate of assorted lollies and chocolates out in the sun, while chatting and taking pictures. I really need to buy a tea set that I can use for meet ups.. must hit some vintage second hand stores!
 There are a few other pictures floating around my tumblr, if you want to see a little more (:


Shaun: I'm totally unsure, sorry!
Kami: Jsk by Oojia, handmade blouse, Bodyline shoes, Oojia hairbow, Secret Shop socks and I don't know about the bag, sorry.
Me: Jsk by Bodyline, offbrand blouse, Simon De Winter socks, Bodyline shoes, Bodyline hairbow and Bodyline wristcuffs.
Thanks for reading! <3


  1. ah, isn't it lovely to dress up in lolita and just have fun with friends? :) you look so very lovely~

  2. wonderful pictures and you skirt looks lovely :D