Hello everyone! I thought it would be nice to make a post in regards to the festive season (: Above are a bunch of christmas-like pieces and accessories I pulled together... I know some lolitas like to make holiday themed coordinates so here a few basics to beginning one.
Colours to look out for are bright red, deep red, deep green, gold and white! I think gold accents with red really set off a christmassy feel.
My picks for ultimate christmas lolita coordinates are; the red and white Bodyline coat immediately made me think of christmas, Juliette et Justine's green velvet jumperskirt featuring a gold print of religious content, I believe - great for religious lolitas, AP redxwhite candy & stripe socks are perfect and twist diagonally to be remniscent of candy canes, Alice and the Pirates one piece featuring deep green tartan and a nostalgic christmassy print, Bodyline's dessert buffet print in red - the mixture of gold and red is fitting and the #1: Angelic Pretty's twinkle ornament print in red! (all pictured above)
This jumperskirt is so dreamy! The foresty green mixed with a few beautiful textures and the gold necklace looks so amazing o: I can see this being made into the most exquisite christmas coordinate.
Here is a sweet christmas coordinate by for you to enjoy!
Check out this amazing bonnet by Alice and the Pirates! It's glorious!
Here is Angelic Pretty's latest release - it is a series featuring pretty present boxes (: it also comes in a salopette and skirt style. Perfect for sweet lolitas who would like a christmas coordinate without getting into jewel tones or reds!
Thanks for reading ~ Merry Christmas darlings!

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