Another Bodyline Review!

Hey everyone! My other Bodyline order arrived today. I ordered blouse L315 in black & 2L along with ankle sock toppers ACC676. The whole process was the usual - shipping was a little late this time though, my order was in transit to NZ for about 5 days opposed to the usual 3 at the most.
I think the blouse is really nice and pretty (: the lace and details are all lovely! Unfortunately, it's far too big around my waist and I think I'll take it in as I don't like using the lacing because it bunches it all up and stuff.
The buttons are rose shaped!
Nice, soft lacey sleeves.
Detachable bow
Here are the sock toppers - small enough to fit wrists on the bigger side, like mine. Not big enough to fit around the average calf though so only good for their intentions in that region. Relatively nice lace used, the usual Bodyline stuff but it certainly does the job! (:
Thanks for reading! I hope you liked seeing my items!

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  1. I also have the same blouse in white :D
    it's really pretty but it's also way too big at the waist for me too =w=